GuidaTuPro is the driving education simulator.
Available with cockpit, force feedback wheel and high performance PC, it offers a great realism in the driving experience. Besides the driving practice and the lessons, you can test the driving under alcohol and drugs effects and the driving on wet and ice.

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Story Inventor

STORYINVENTOR lets you to create interactive stories hands down, using a wide file of backgrounds, characters, and other objects housed into the CD-Rom. This tool allows to create pictures from scanner, or photos and videos from digital or video cameras. It is possible to enlarge objects, rotate them along X,Y and Z axis, connect them to program's cards, highlight them, or move them to the bottom of the scene. The wide file contains backgrounds, characters, and animations that can be used to make a display for PREVENTION OF ALCOHOL ABUSE, SMOKE HARMS, HEALTY NUTRITION and FITNESS.
Game Inventor
GAMEINVENTOR is a Media Education instrument that lets you to create arcade videogames in an extremely simply and funny mode; by using the enormous objects database (characters and urban tools, fantasy, sci-fi). In a few clicks the gamer can creates an isometric map, define the main charachter and his skills, the map objects, the enemies and their skills (include artificial intelligence), the menus, sound effects and music, logical elements that detemine the plot such as doors, keys, switches, etc. In a simply way you can insert into the game your own material in oder to create a specific scenery. By creating in a easy and quickly mode a videogame, GAMEINVENTOR is a perfect and irreplaceable media-education instrument, but it's also an important way to introduce logical and mathematical elements.