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Scritto da Ivan Venturi il 07/10/2010 in Senza categoria con 2 Commenti

It’s time to write (scriv) another post in english for all pipòl of all over the world, surely very interested to all these  interesting things in my interesting blog. Very interesting!

Some day laik today, when there is pippòl coming, pipòl going, telefon ringing all the time, all the other companies of the group Armonia (gruppoaziendale-homo nomen) is moving and doing things like balls in the flipper, and PC that we have to mont in the simulators of guid are to arrive and they dont FUCK arrive, and there is a lot of bei progettins to do, for a lot of bei programmilli for childern, and the site of the simulatore really needs a lot of intervent becaus if you go on the sit you discover things that are really old, so you don’t discover ‘na cipp and this is a problem, just becaus invec di cose new ce ne son a lot, insomm all thing all together like very big pastrokk and I have to do all af them and to solve all of them.

Insomm: it’ s a problem.

And all of this things can’t be done in old-old-old style, the già-written-in-a-precedent-post “dog dick’s way”. Very pericolous.

So, there is to concentre ourselves (please note how I conosc very well the english language, not like some macaroni-style english writers) very good and very much!

And the best thing to do is this: to scriv a very intelligent post that surely clear all thoughts (pensiers)!

And so do I.


ps: Next posto, opps, post, I’ll scriv about next Simulmondo Reunion, that will be not reunion again (a volt speaking about the past it’s ok, two times it is a ball-breaking, I think), but for now we call it Simulmondo Reunion the same.

Please save the date: 5 march 2011. Ank in italian, because is very important: 5 marzo 2011, press the Archiv Videoludik of Cinetek of Bulàgna. This time, with the morning, too, a disposition, not only the afternoon, because some of participant of the last year, giustament, said that it was too short.

So, this time, is all the day. Olè!






DOG DICK’S WAY (semper)


2 Responses to Very difficult self-organization

  1. Giovanni

    28/10/2010 - 10:04

    your site need an “ivi restail”!

  2. Ivan Venturi

    29/10/2010 - 17:34

    How much is true!!!! but as you know, the cobbler or better the calzolar, always walks with the rott scarps!
    Very bad thing… very big big dog dog dicks dicks way in my sait…


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Nel 1987 ho fatto il primo videogioco della Simulmondo, prima software house italiana. Da allora ne ho fatti altre migliaia.
Dalla fine del millennio scorso faccio videogiochi educativi ed ora anche simulatori di guida e avventure di inquisitori medievali.
Poi nel 2003 ho fondato Koala Games, ora diventatata TIconBLU. E mi occupo di un bel po' di altre cose videoludiche varie.