Ethics Resource Technology

E.R.T. is a complex multimodular delphi-based software, for developing 2D and 3D interactive applications. E.R.T. is able to create realistic 3D ethics scenery.
I.E.: building roads, paths with full of driving code and its violation, sanction, with the physical consequences of a road accident.

E.R.T. is a fullyful data archive, images and 3D models.
I.E.: Making videogames full of 3D graphics, sounds and e-contents for e-learning applications.

E.R.T. uses videogames tools and products, and these have radically modified the way to use and create ethical informations.

E.R.T. is completely developed by Koala Games in which
  • technologial
  • creational
  • educational
  • commercial
skills, mixed in a new way of videogame communication.