STORYINVENTOR is for 10 to 16 years-old users. The software lets you to create interactive stories with extreme simplicity, by usign the huge archive fullo of sceneries, characters and various tools. This software allows also to create pictures from scanner, or photos and videos from digital or video cameras. We begin developing the STORYBOARD, divided into SCENES and projecting the SCENES LINK SEQUENCE. We define BUTTONS, TEXTS, IMAGES, SOUNDS, VIDEOS and COLLAGE. By the COLLAGE it is possible to make wonderful and complex scenes in which you are able to magnify, 3D spin, link to scenes, and move background or foreground the objects in the collage. Like a 3D scene, COLLAGE give the possibility to create several scenery such as DISCO, PARK, HILLS, GYM, CITY SQUARE, CLASSROOM with some characters (Paola, Marco, Jo etc...) and many scenes objects. The huge archive contains scenes which be used on ALCOHOL AND SMOKING PREVENTION, HEALTH and PHYSICAL ACTIVITY.
Mininum requirements:
- CPU Pentium II 350 Mhz or greater
- 128 Mb RAM
- AGP Video Device with at least 16 Mb di RAM (min resolution 800x600)
- from 30 to 400 MB of Hard Disk Space
- Windows 98/2000/ME/XP or greater


Making a story : the software permits to portray a director; making a story is simple and funny thanks to the easy-use of the graphic interface.
Storyboard: is the main instrument to manage a story. It is possible to link the scenes each other such as a dinamic trama and insert, images, videos and sounds.

Collage : allows you the ability to create personalied animation and scenes by using the STORYINVENTOR archive.






Price single licence:
Price multilicence (up to 25 licences):


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