METROPOLIS is a revolutionary software that lets you to create real 3D driving videogames full of graphics and interactivity, reproducing your own land. Metropolis contains a powerful editor with in a few click, lets you to create or modify your scenery, creating mountains, rivers, roads, cycling paths, buildings and monuments, urban style, trees, city parks etc.

Minimum requirements:
- CPU Pentium III 1 Ghz or greater
- 256 Mb RAM
- AGP video device with at least 64 Mb RAM (min resolution 800x600)
- 500 MB Hard Disk
- Windows 2000/ME/XP or greater


You begin by terrain modelling, making rivers, mountanis and hills. Then you project the traffic ways with full of traffic signs, bike paths, and with a click we can view on our city the traffic! You can also add the traffic lights for a more realistic experience. Then add the modular buildings and we make the neighboorhouds of the city you're building. Add the urban style and some 3D buildings model (taken by some italian cities). At the end you can 'paint' the vegetation by placing several trees of over 50 different species. The you can publish your work on the internet and share with other users! In the virtual scenery you can add several multimedial content such as interactive stories, videos and images.

Metropolis all prices are NO VAT
Price single licence:
50 €
Price multilicence (up to 25 licences):
500 €


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