GAMEINVENTOR is a Media Education instrument that lets you to create arcade videogames in an extremely simply and funny mode; by using the enormous objects database (characters and urban tools, fantasy, sci-fi). In a few clicks the gamer can creates an isometric map, define the main charachter and his skills, the map objects, the enemies and their skills (include artificial intelligence), the menus, sound effects and music, logical elements that detemine the plot such as doors, keys, switches, etc. In a simply way you can insert into the game your own material in oder to create a specific scenery. By creating in a easy and quickly mode a videogame, GAMEINVENTOR is a perfect and irreplaceable media-education instrument, but it's also an important way to introduce logical and mathematical elements.

Minimum requirements:
- CPU Pentium III 1 Ghz or greater
- 256 Mb RAM
- AGP video device with at least 64 Mb RAM (min resolution 800x600)
- 500 MB Hard Disk
- Windows 98/2000/ME/XP or greater


To create an arcade game... means to design a little world made up by custom scenes, useful, useless and harmful objects that influence other elements, with enemies ready to complacate the player's game and bounuses to acquire for obtain points and powerful things. GAMEINVENTOR lets you to create real videogames in a creative and funny project.
Maps, Inventory, Energy: it's possibly to use videogames created by GAMEINVETOR without GAMEINVENTOR itself. Each videogame lets you to use a map, the inventor, various kind of weapons, and a scenery view made up by several scenographic elements, part of them in 3D. Videogames may be distributable for free.
Tools: first you decide the style and videogame's name: then you build the map by using the several available terrains and put into them all the scenographic elements. Then you build the logic of the game (the plot): doors, keys, switches, bonus and special objects that the player find during the game.
The photo and sound archive: you can choose by many different scenes, and each one of them gives you the chance to use different kind of elements. You can also choose many different characters, and a lot of scenographic and logical elements. In the sound archive there are several different music and sound effects to create a perfect sound ambientation to your videogame. It's possible to add self-made graphical and sound elements, in order to create infinite possibility to develop a videogame.

GameInventor all prices are NO VAT
Price single licence:
50 €
Price multilicence (up to 25 licences):
500 €


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