KOALA GAMES S.r.l. begins in June 2003 from Ivan Venturi, technical-creative director with more then ten-year videogames project experience, as well as first italian videogames progammer, and Massimiliano Valentino Di Fraia, young programmer.

KOALA GAMES strats up with naming "3 Scimmie", like an associate company, until spring 2003 and from this year, thanks to the excellent graduatory position (first) in the founds project Mambo sponsored by "Comune di Bologna" , moves to the actual office and obtain a funding used for product e editing videogames (thing that an associate company will not do).

KOALA GAMES deals with:
  • Designing and developing CD-ROM Videogames
  • Designing and developing ON-LINE Videogames
  • Designing and developing multimedia contents
  • 2D Computer graphics
  • 3D Computer graphics

KOALA GAMES is supported in his projects by many important authorities (such as "Associazione Nazionale Magistrati" for Legalopoli, "il Centro di Documentazione Donne" for La Cittą delle Donne ecc.)

Ivan Venturi

Born in 1970, obtain the Artistic diploma while developing the fist italain videogame (1987) edited by Simulmondo, first italian software house which became its production manager in 1991. He makes many sports simulator and fiction videogames such as Dylan Dog, Diabolik, Tex Willer.
From 1993 to 1994 launch Colors Srl software house, with the deal to develop and market videogames and multimedia contents for different companies and big editors in Italy. Si specializza nei videogiochi educativi.
From 1999 makes some important videogames projects such as "Esplorando il Corpo Umano" edited by "De Agostini", many digital 2D and 3D cartoons, animation software, 3D modellation, Web Videogames with all his work partners.
In 1993 together with Max Di Fraia Koala Games starts Koala Games with the deal to produce and develop educational videogames for the italian school and public administrations sponsored and supported by "Regione Emilia-Romagna". In these years Koala Games makes more than 20 products mainly concerning healt, driving education, global environment in collaboration with the Bologna University, which is an associate professor.
In 2006 build a e-larning study group in collaboration with the most important italian universities, concerning e-learning and serious games.

Massimiliano Di Fraia

Born in 1978, obtain the informatic programmer diploma and starts to work as a videogames programmer. From 2001 moves to Bologna and meeting Ivan venturi strats with him Koala Games Srl software house, which he's technical manager.
Develops the powerful E.R.T. Technology which grant Koala Games the ability to make complex 3D Videogames also acquiring territorial and cartographic datas and transform them into interactive virtual scenarios.
Jazz musician and compositor plays piano, guitar and violin. He partecipates at many discographic productions, live concert and many of his composition are part of the Koala Games videogames and soundtrack.
He portray the 'Slow Programming' theory, which excludes quickly and berserk production steps for a better quality of project and life.

Angelo Bertusi

Born in 1955, in 1979 working in "Rizzoli - Corriere della Sera" commercial division and partecipates in the company evoluting process, by starting some important projects such as Amica, Max, Capital, Sette.
In 1989 build and become main director of "A43" company wich deals with Trade marketing in join with french Eurocom
In 1990 build and become main director of "Unica", now "Gruppo Armonia", an italian marketing and communication holding company.
From 1990 to nowadays is in business for "Gruppo Armonia" with: A43(innovative media), Nouvelle(Marketing and communication), FCL(Creativity model for "La Marca"), Ideevalore(company which funding and configuring the start-up "Progetti Imprenditorial Innovativi").
In 2001 takes part with CNA, in the building of "Punto Car Italia"(italian indipendent automobile reparation chain).